Nanigo YTB-537


(YTB-537: dp. 237; 1. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 11'6"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 8; cl. Hisada)

Nanigo (YTB-537) was laid down 6 December 1944 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, N.Y.

Launched 27 March 1945; and placed in service 30 August 1945.

Designed for harbor duties of towing, firefighting, and assisting ships in berthing and docking, Nanigo was briefly assigned to the 3d Naval District before steaming for the Pacific at the end of 1945. Attached to Service Force, Pacific Fleet, "e departed Pearl Harbor 19 January 1946 and sailed west to Kwajelein. Arriving on the 29th, she reported for duty under Atoll Commander, Kwajalein and joined in preparing that island for the increased shipping expected in connection with operation "Crossroads," the 1946 atomic test series. On her return to the United States Nanigo prepared for inactivation and in May 1947, was placed out of service, in reserve, at Seattle, Wash.

Reactivated in September 1950, Nanigo was assigned to the 13th Naval District at Seattle. Reclassified YTM-537 in February 1962, she served that district until transferred, late in 1967, to the 17th Naval District at Kodiak, Alaska, where she serves into 1970.