Namequa YT-331


(YT-331: dp. 237,1. 100',b. 25',dr. 9'7";s. 16k.,cpl.12 cl. Hiawoatha; T. V2-M~A1)

Namequa, built as Port Elizabeth (MC Hull 444), was laid down in early 1942, under a Maritime Commission Contract, by Calumet Shipyard and Dry Dock Co., Chicago, III.; launched 22 May 1942; sponsored by Mrs. James F. Rogan renamed Namequa and classed as YT-331 on 29 September, acquired by thc Navy 15 October and placed in service 17 February 1943.

Allocated to the 1st Naval District and based at Boston, she provided firc fighting, tug, and salvage services to naval vessels and installations in that district throughout her seven year career. Reclassified YTB-331 on 15 May 1944, her active service was continuous, except for a period in reserve from March to October 1946. She was struck from the Naval Vessel Register in June 1950.