Nahoke YTB-536


(YTB-536: dp. 237; 1. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 11'6", s. 12 k.
cpl. 8; cl. Hisada)

Nahoke (YTB-536) was laid down by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, N.Y., 4 December 1944 launched 27 March 1945; delivered to the Navy and place] in service 11 August 1945.

Assigned to the 15th Naval District, Nahoke operated in the Canal Zone until transferred to the 5th Naval District, headquartered at Norfolk, in the spring of 1961. Redesignated YTM-536 in February 1962, Nahoke has continued, into 1970, to provide vital tug services to naval vessels and eommands in the Chesapeake Bay area.