Topaz PYc-10



(PYc-10: dp. 160, 1. 111'8", b. 18'11"; dr. 7'"
(mean); s. 13 k.; a. 1 3", 2 30-car. mg., 3 act.)

Doromar—a yacht built in 1931 by the Luders Marine Construction Co., Stamford, Conn.—was acquired by the Navy on 14 February 1941 from Mr. W. McCullough; renamed Topuz and designated PYc-10 on 3

March 1941, converted to a coastal patrol yacht by Robert Jacob, Inc.; and placed in commission at New York on 14 July 1941.

Topaz cleared New York on 21 July and headed south. She stopped at Norfolk, Va., from 25 July to 5 August and then continued on to Charleston, S.C., where she arrived on the 7th. Three days later, she steamed on to Miami, whence she departed on the 15th. After a two-day visit to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba the coastal patrol yacht headed for Cristobal in the Canal Zone. She arrived in the Canal Zone on 22 July 1941 and reported for duty to the Commandant, 15th Naval District.

For the next three years, Topaz patrolled the close approaches to the Panama Canal and the coastlines of the Canal Zone. On 12 August 1944, she departed the 15th Naval District and the Canal Zone. After stopping at Guantanamo Bay and Charleston, she reached Philadelphia, Pa., on 31 August 1944. She was placed out of commission there on 27 September and was turned over to the War Shipping Administration for disposal. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 14 October 1944.