Tillamook II SP-269


Tillamook II

(SP-269: t. 24 (gross); 1. 59'0"; b. 12'6", dr. 4'9";
s. 9.5 k.; cpl. 9; a. 1 3-pdr., 2 mg.)

The second Tillamook-a motor yacht built in 1911 at Port Clinton, Ohio, by the Matthews Boat Co.—was acquired by the Navy from Mr. D. C. Whitney of Detroit, Mich., on 14 May 1917 and was placed in commission on 1 June 1917 as SP-269.

Assigned to the 9th Naval District, SP-269 patrolled the waters of Lake Michigan without the benefit of her name to avoid confusion with Tug No. 16 which was also named Tillamook. She remained active in the 9th Naval District until the fall of 1919. Often official papers referred to her as Tillamook (SP-269), particularly those regarding her disposal. SP 269 was sold to Mr. George Jerome of Detroit, Mich., on 20 November 1919.