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Tech III SP-1066


Tech III
(SP-1066: 1. 60'; b. 9'; dr. 3'6" (aft.); s. 26-30 mph.;
cpl. 6; a. 1 mg.)

Tech III (SP-1066)—a motorboat constructed in 1916 at Atlantic City, N.J., by Adolph Apel-was acquired by the United States Navy from Mr. T. Coleman du Pont of Wilmington, Del., on 6 August 1917 and was placed in commission the following day.

Tech 111 was assigned to the 4th Naval District, but records of her service are extremely sketchy. She was placed out of commission on 19 October 1917; but— since her name does not disappear from the 4th Naval District list of district vessels until the 1 September 1918 issue of the Navy Directory—she seems to have remained in the possession of the Navy until the summer of 1918. Presumably, she was returned to her Owner sometime in 1918 and her name struck from the Navy list.