Tasco SP-602



(SP-602: t. 319; 1. 109'; b. 32'4"; dr. 12' (aft); s.
10 k.; cpl. 16; a. 2 1-pdrs.)

Tasco (SP-602)—a salvage tug constructed in 1907 at New London, Conn.—was acquired by the Navy from J. Shewan of Brooklyn, N.Y., on 4 August 1917 and was placed in commission on 29 September 1917.

Acquired for use as a minesweeper, Tasco probably saw little service in that specialty since German mining operations along the coast of America were sporadic and unsuccessful compared to those conducted by both sides in the North Sea. Consequently, Tasco spent all of her brief career patrolling the 3d Naval I)istrict coastline around New York. She remained in naval service until the spring of 1919. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 22 May 1919, and she was simultaneously returned to her owner.