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Tangier I SP-469



(SP-469: 1. 62'0"; b. 13'6"; dr. 2'4" (mean); s. 1
a. 1 1-pdr.)

The first Tangier (SP-469)—a motor yacht built by J. Woodtull at Orvington, Va.—was acquired by the Navy from Mr. J. S. Parsons of Norfolk, Va., and was placed in commission on 24 April 1917.

Records of Tangier's service are extremely sketchy. However, it is known that she was acquired for service with the section patrol to protect the harbors and coastal waters of the United States against intrusion by German U-boats. In all probability, she patrolled the waters near Norfolk and in the lower reaches of the Chesapeake Bay because small craft so acquired usually operated in the immediate area of their acquisition. In any event, Tangier served the Navy from 24 April 1917 until 22 October 1918, at which time she was returned to her owner.