Tamarack SP-561


(SP-561: t. 27, 1. 80', b. 13'3", dr. 4'5" (mean); s.
14 mph.; a. 2 1-pdrs.)

Tamarack-a motor yacht built in 1916 at City Island, N.Y., by Nevins Shipyard-was acquired by the Navy on free lease from E. L. Beard of Flushing, N.Y., on 26 June 1917 and placed in commission on 18 September 1917.

Tamarack was assigned to section patrol duty in the 3d Naval District. She patrolled the coastline and for 17 months protected the ports and harbors of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. On 21 February 1919, she was returned to her owner, and her name was struck from the Navy fiat.