Quicksilver SP-281



(SP-281: 1. 50'8"; b. 10'; dr. 1'7"; s. 22 k.; a. 2 1 pdr.)

Quicksilver (SP-281) was built by Jahneke Navigation Co. New Orleans, La., for Ernest Lee Jahneke and was delivered under charter to the Navy 24 May 1917.

She operated out of New Orleans on section patrol at the beginning of World War I. On 1 October 1918 she was ordered to Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensaeola, Fla., where she was sorely needed in connection with training flights over Florida Bay. Quick.sil~er continued in this duty until 27 November 1918 when she returned to New Orleans.

Quicksilver decommissioned at New Orleans 28 January 1919; was struck from the Navy Register 17 May 1919; and was sold 30 June 1919 to George Plant, Washington, D.C.