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Nomad SP-1046


(8P-1046: 1. 3G'7"; b. 9'6"; dr. 2'6"; s. 11 k.; a. 1 mg.)

Nomad, a motor boat built in 1914 by Goulartte, San Diego, Calif., was chartered by the Navy from F.N. Howe, San Diego in May 1917 and placed in service 10 May 1917, Ens. R.N. Howe in command.

Operating in the 12th Naval District headquartered at 8an Francisco, Norruld patrolled off San biego in June 1917 and alternated between patrol and guard duty there throughout the summer, rotating with Albacore. In September, she assumed the additional duty of boarding vessel to help halt trsde in contraband.

Beginrung in December, Nomad alternated between guard and patrol duty, rotating with Albacore (SP-751), Normannia (SP-756), Rosa (SP-757), and occasionally Natalie Mae (SP-1005). She assumed special duty with Naval Aviation 4 February. Continuing outer patrol at San Diego into June, she was returned to her owner 9 June 1918.