Nirvana II SP-204


Nirvan Il

(SP-204: dpl. 51 t.; 1. 65'; b. 15'; dr. 6'; s. 12 k.; a. 1 1-pdr.,1 mg.)

Motor boat Nirvana 11, built be Brett Bros., West Lynn, Maes, in 1916, was acquired by the Navy from J. Hartley Merrick, Philadelphia, Pa. 18 Mav 1917, commissioning for use on section patrol during World War I, Lt. (j.g.) Frederie M. Gardiner in command.

Nirvana 11 operated from the 4th Naval District, Philadelphia during the war, alternating between the Northern and Southern Patrol areas of the U.S. Atlantic coast. The routine was interrupted in June when she took to high seas patrol 9-12 June and dispatch duty the 13th to the 16th. In September, she joined the Speeial Cruising Squadron adding status to her patrol duties

After a respite at the League Island Navy Yard in February 1918, she shuttled from one island to another around Philadelphia, basing operations at Reedy Island, remaining at this ~rork until dispatch duty to Neweastle in August, thereafter moving up to Essington for boarding duty in September. L,ecommissioning at Philadelphia 30 November, she was returned to her owner 2 December 1918.