< Nemes SP-424

Nemes SP-424


(SP-424: t. 18; 1. 50'2"; b. 10'5"; dr. 2'6"; s. 12 k.; a. 1 l-pdr., l mg.)

Nemes, a motor boat built in 1909 by Van Deise, Camden i N.J., was acquired by the Navy from J. C. Noblit, Germantown, Pa., 10 July 1917; and placed in service shortly there. after, Boatswain W H. Noblit in command.

Operating in the 7th Naval District, headquartered at Key West during World War I, Nemes met with ill fate soon after beginning her service. Scheduled to patrol around Key West,

she pulled into Cotteral Bay for cleaning in August; while there, an explosion rocked the ship 21 August 1917 causing her to burn and sink.