Navigator SP-2225


Navigator I
(SP-2225: dp. 470; 1. 139'; b. 26'; dr. 13'9"; s. 12 k; a. 2 6-pdrs.)

Navigator (SP-2225), built by J. H. Dialogue and Sons Camden, New Jersey, in 1898, was acquired by the Navj 20 August 1!~18. Plaeed in service in the 12th Naval District, headquartered at San Francisco she served thc San Francisco Bay area throughout her naval career. Designated YT-39, 17 July 1920, and YTB-39, 15 May 1944, she performed the vital tug, salvage, and fire fighting missions of her type until she was placed out of service at Mare Island, 14 October 1946. Struek from the Navy List 30 December 1946, Navigator was transferred to the Maritime Commission for further disposal 8 August 1947.