Nautilus 11 SP-559


Nautilus 11
(SP-559: t. 23; 1. 66'; b. 11'6"; dr. 3'1"; s. 18 k; cpl. 8)

Vautilus 11, a motor boat, was built by Kyle & Purday Shipyard, City Island, N.Y., in 1917; acquired by the Navy under free lease from her owner, E. Diekenson, 17 August 1917; enrolled in the Naval Coast Defense Reserve, and commissioned 9 October 1917, Boatswain J. C. Welply, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the 3rd Naval District, Nautilus 11 served throtlghout World War I as a section and shore patrol boat out of New York City. After the Armistice, she decommissioned 14 February 1919 and was returned to her owner the same day.