Laurinburg PC-1212


(PC-1212: dp. 280; 1. 173'8"; b. 23'; dr. 10'10; s. 20k.; cpl. 66, a. 1 3", 1 40mm., 2 20mm., 2 act-, 4 dcp., 2 rkt.;cl. PC-661 )

PC-l2l2 was laid down by Luders Mafine Construction Co., Stamford, Conn., 26 September 1942, Iaunched 23 April 1943; and commissioned 18 September 1943, Lt. H. F. Driver In command.

After shakedown along the Atlantic coast, PC-1212 departed Miami, Fla., in October for convoy and ASW patrol duty in the Caribbean sea frontier. During the next 2 months she guarded tanker, transport, and merchant convoys which plied the seaplanes between Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Port of Spain, Trinidad. Assigned to similar duty with the eastern sea frontier in December, she escorted convoys between Guantanamo Bay and New York during the first 9 months of 1944. While on a southbound run 20 July, she made three depth charge attacks against a suspected German U-boat, but the results were inconclusive.

PC-121~ returned to the Caribbean in October for convoy escort duty betw.een Guantanamo Bay and Cristobal Canal Zone. She continued this duty in the Panama sea frontier until the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in May 1945; thence, she transited the Panama Canal the following month to support the training of American submarines in the Gulf of Panama. During July she returned to Cristobal where she patrolled the approaches to the harbor. Late in July she steamed to Miami, and from 1 August to 21 November she underwent a much needed `overhaul.

PC-1212 returned to the Panama sea frontier 11 December and resumed patrol and training duty in both the Caribbean and Pacific approached to the canal. She alternated operations out of Coco Solo and Balboa during the next 7 months until 8 July 1946 when she departed Coco Solo for New Orleans. Arriving there 11 July, she decommissioned 23 August 1946 and was placed in caretaker status.

On 29 October she was assigned duty as a Naval Reserve training ship. Over the next 3 years she operated primarily out of Houston, Tex., cruising the gulf coast of Texas and providing valuable training for Naval Reservists. PC1212 entered the Atlantic Reserve Fleet in February 1950; and while berthed at Norfolk, Va., she was named Laurinburg 15 February 1956. Her name was struck from the Navy list 1 April 1959 prior to her disposal by Navy sale.