Naiwa SP-3512


(SP-3512: dp. 12,260 (n); 1. 423'9"; b. 54'; dr. 24'6"; s. 10.5 k.; cpl. 85; a. 1 5", 1 4")

Naiwa was built by the Baltimore Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Baltimore, Md.; launched 4 July 1918; turned over to the Navy 10 September; commissioned at Baltimore 4 November; and assigned to NOTS on Army aceollnt'

After refitting, Naiwa cleared Baltimore Harbor 27 November 1918 with a general cargo for France, but was forced to turn back because of steering gear malfunctions. Following repairs, she steamed from Norfolk, Va. 8 March 1919, arrived La Pallice 23 March, and then went on to Bordeaux where she discharged her cargo.

Naiwa cleared Bordeaux 12 April and steamed to Brest, where she took on a cargo of German guns and gun parts. Arriving Norfolk 2 May, she decommissioned 9 May.

A former name retained.