Thomas Washington AGOR-10


Thomas Washington
(AGOR-10: dp. 1,380 (f.); 1. 208'9"; b. 37'4'; dr.
15'3"; s. 13.5 k.; cpl. 41; cl. Robert D. Conrad)

Thomas Washington (AGOR-10) was laid down on 12 September 1963 at Marinette, Wis., by the Marinette Marine Corp., launched on 1 August 1964; sponsored jointly by Misses Barbara E. and Ann H. Washington, granddaughters of Admiral Washington, and delivered to the Navy on 17 September 1965.

Transferred to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, of the University of California, soon thereafter, Thomas Washington operates under the control of the Oceanographer of the Navy, with a civilian crew, conducting research experiments in support of the national oceanographic programs of the United States into 1978.