Nemasket AOG-10


(AOG-10: dp. 2,020 (1.), 1. 310'9", b. 48'6", dr. 15'4", s.14 k.; cpl. 120; a. 4 3"; cl. Patapsco)

Nemasket (AOG-10) was laid down 6 October 1942 by Cargill, Inc., Savage, Minn.; launched 20 October 1943, sponsored by Mrs. Rebecca Hanson of Savage, Minn., and commissioned 16 June 1944 at New Orleans, La., Lt. Comdr. Gillespie G. Boyd in command.

Shakedown commenced 3 July in the Chesapeake, after which Nemasket steamed to Aruba, N.W.I. to load gasoline. She departed Aruba 31 July for Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal and San Diego. Arriving Pearl Harbor 24 August she commenced transporting petroleum products to numerous Pacific islands. Reaching Ulithi 12 November, she commenced fueling operations ~reeeiving fuel from merchant tankers and Navy oilers, and then delivering it to various eombatants, auxiliaries, and island bases.

Nemasket carried aviation gasoline to Anguar and Pelilieu in the Palau Islands from 12 December 1944 until 18 January 1945. She then steamed to Eniwetok to fuel the invasion fleet preparing for the Iwo Jima assault Arriving off Iwo Jima 20 February, she fueled over two hundred ships in twenty days. The gasoline tanker then shifted to Saipan and Ulithi 9 March, and 4 April she steamed to Kerama Retto, where she spent three months amidst kamikaze attacks and interminable hours at General Quarters. She splashed a "Val" 13 May, 100 yards off her port bow.

At Leyte when hostilities ceased, Nemasket remained in continuous service with the Pacific Service Force. She shifted to Shanghai, China 6 September and remained on China service until May 1947, spending only the late summer and early fall of 1946 in the United States. In June of 1947 she was assigned transportation and delivery duties throughout the Pacific islands as a unit of Service Division 51, Service Force, ~ Pacific. i

Nemasket continued her transportation and delivery duties during the Korean conflict and through the 1950s, out of her homeport of Pearl Harbor. Placed out of commission, in reserve 22 September 1959, she was stricken from the Naval Register 1 July 1960 and scrapped in 1961.