Nanticoke AOG-66


(AOG-66: dp. 5,970; 1. 352'2"; b. 48'2"; dr. 15'8"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 80; a. 1 3", 8 20mm.; cl. Klickitat; T. Tl-M-BTl)

Nanticoke (AOG-66) was laid down by St. Johns Shipbuilding Corp., Jacksonville, Fla., under a Maritime Commission contract, on 16 January 1945; launched 7 April 1945 sponsored by Mrs. Gustav W. Nelson; acquired by the Navy 31 August 1945; and commissioned 1 September 1945.

Assigned to the Naval Transportation Service, Nanticoke reported for duty 18 October to the Service Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Arriving at Norfolk, Va. 28 November, she was decommissioned there 4 January 1946 and returned to the Maritime Commission 12 January. Briefly operated by the American Petroleum Transport Corp. as Sugarland, she was acquired later in the year by the Argentine Navy and commissioned as Punta Delgada (B-16). Into 1970, she continues to serve as part of the Argentine Navy.