Chestnut Hill AO


Chestnut Hill

A residential section in Philadelphia, Pa.

(AO: dp. 10,150; 1. 380'; b. 50'9"; dr. 24'6"; s. 11 k.;
cpl. 71; a. 1 6", 1 6-pdr.; cl. Chestnut Hill)

Chestnut Hill (No. 2526), a tanker, was launched 23
August 1917 by Pennsylvania Shipbuilding Co.,
Gloucester City, N.J.; acquired by the Navy 14 March
1918 commissioned the same day, Lieutenant Commanier J. D. Murray, USNRF, in command; and reported to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service.

Between 22 March and 15 June 1918 Chestnut Hill served as an escort and fuel ship for two convoys of submarine chasers as they sailed to the Azores. After repairs, the tanker made coastwise runs until 26 September, when she cleared to escort another group of submarine chasers to Bermuda and the Azores.

On 1 November 1918 she departed Bermuda and after loading oil at Texas ports, called at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before delivering her cargo to east coast ports. On 17 December, she sailed to escort submarine chasers from the Azores to San Domingo, Guantanamo, and Haiti. After repairing and loading oil at Gulf ports Chestnut Hill sailed 28 February 1919 for Gibraltar where she had an overhaul until June.

Chestnut Hill assmbled a group of submarine chasers for the homeward voyage from European ports, and on 28 July cleared Lisbon to escort the ships to New York. She was decommissioned at Philadelphia 3 September 1919, and returned to the Shipping Board the following day.