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W F Marty

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W. F. Marty

(MB: 1. 40'0".- b. 10'0"; dr. 3'0"- (aft); s. 11.0 k.)

W. F. Marty-a wooden-bulled motorboat built in 1917 for W. F. Marty of Olney, Pa-was inspected by the Navy, in the 4th Naval District, in 1917 for possible use as a section patrol vessel. She was assigned the classification SP 1145.

Little is known, however, of any actual service. Listed as "delivered" on 6 October 1917 and "enrolled" 10 days later, W. F. Marty was subsequently returned to her owner on 28 January 1918 and struck from the Navy list on 5 February, indicating that her service

if any-was of short duration. There are no records to indicate whether or not the boat was ever placed in commission. Her eventual fate is also unrecorded.