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Benner DD- 807


Born in Arlington, Mass., 5 July 1916, Stanley Graves Benner enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1940 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, USMCR, 4 August 1942. Second Lieutenant Benner was killed in action on Guadalcanal 27 October 1942.

The John C. Butler class DE-551 was assigned the name Benner but cancelled 10 June 1944 prior to construction.

(DD-807: dp. 2425; 1. 390'6"; b. 40'10"; dr. 18'6"; s.
35 k.; cpl. 355; a. 6 5", 10 21" TT.; cl. Gearing)

Benner (DD-807) was launched 30 November 1944 by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, Maine; sponsored by Mrs. H. 0. Benner, mother of Lieutenant Benner; commissioned 13 February 1945, Commander J. Munholland in command; and reported to the Pacific Fleet.

On 26 July 1945 Benner joined the 3rd Meet off Japan and screened carriers during the last strikes against the Japanese home Islands. Following the surrender of Japan, the destroyer remained in the Far East on occupation duty until 3 January 1946. For the next three years

she rotated between the west coast and Far East, making two Far Eastern cruises (30 January 23 September 1947 and I October-23 December 1948). She was reclassified DDR-807,18 March 1949.

Reassigned to the Atlantic Fleet 1 May 1949, Benner shifted her base to Newport, R. I. She operated on normal peacetime duty, including four Mediterranean tours, until departing for the Pacific 9 June 1956. She arrived at Long Beach, Calif., 28 June 1956 and remained on the west coast during the rest of the year.

Benner received one battle star for her service in World War 11.
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