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Wadleigh DD- 689 Wasmuth DD-338
Wadsworth DD-60 Waters DD- 115
Wadsworth II DD-516 Watts DD-567
Wainwright I DD-62 Wedderburn DD- 684
Wainwright II DD-419 Welborn C Wood DD-195
Waldron DD- 699 Welles I DD-257
Walke I DD-34 Welles II DD-628
Walke II DD-416 Whipple DD- 16
Walke III DD-723 Whipple II DD-217
Wallace L Lind DD-703 Wickes DD-75
Waller DD- 466 Wickes II D-578
Ward DD- 139 Wiley DD-597
Warrington DD-30 Wilkes II DD-67
Warrington II DD-383 Wilkes III DD-441
Warrington III DD-843 Willard Keith I DD-775