Tutahaco YTB-624



(YTB-624: dp. 218 (tl.); 1. 101'; b. 28'; dr. 11'; s. 12 k.
(tl.); cpl. 10; cl. Hisada)

Tutahaco (YTB-624) was laid down on 1 May 1946 at Jacksonville, Fla., by Gibbs Corporation Marine Repair Yard launched in August 1946, and completed and delivered to the Navy on 6 November 1946

Placed in service, the large harbor tug began duties with the 10th Naval District, San Juan, Puerto Rico, early in 1946. Redesignated a medium harbor tug— YTM—on 2 February 1962, she was still in service, assigned to the 10th Naval District, in 1980, after almost 30 years in the Caribbean.