Tuskegee YTB-806



(YTB-806: dp. 366 (f.); 1. 109'; b. 31'; dr. 14'; s. 12 k.
cpl. 12; cl. Natick)
Tuskegee (YTB-806) was laid down on 25 September

1969 at Sturgeon Bay, Wis., by Peterson Builders, Inc.; launched on 16 April 1970; and delivered to the Navy on 2 October 1970. Placed in service during October, the large harbor tug was attached to the 11th Naval District and was soon in operation out of San Diego, Calif. She provided tug and tow assistance for Fleet units at this port into 1976 when she was shifted to Hawaiian waters for operations out of Pearl Harbor which she has continued into 1978.