USS Tuscumbia II
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Tuscumbia II YTB-762

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Tuscumbia II

(YTB-762: dp. 356 (f.); 1. 109'; b. 31'; dr. 14'; s. 12
k.; cpl. 12; cl. Natick)

The second Tuscumbia (YTB-762) was laid down in September 1946, at Portland, Oreg., by the Commercial Iron Works; launched in November 1945, and completed in January 1946. Records of her subsequent career are scarce but the ship apparently lay in reserve for a decade and one-half and was not placed in service until December 1961. She then served at San Diego, attached to the 11th Naval District, until shifted to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to operate in the 14th Naval District providing the necessary tug and tow services to support the Pacific Fleet from 1963 to and into 1978.