(Tug: dp. 450; Ibp. 137'; b. 26'; dr. 9'6" (mean);
s. 10k.)

The first Triana—an iron-hulled screw tug built at New York, N.Y., by William Perrine—was launched on 29 April 1865 and was apparently completed sometime after January 1866. Initially laid up at Washington, D.C., Triana had entered service at the Washington Navy Yard by or before the summer of 1867.

Triana was subsequently shifted to the New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y., where she operated from 1880 to 1887. Subsequently assigned "special service" duty at the Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R.I., Triana performed services supporting experimental torpedo work being carried on there. In addition, she served as an accommodation vessel for men under instruction at that station.

The tug remained in service at Newport until she was struck from the Navy list on 13 April 1891. Triana was sold on 2 May 1891.