Tontogany YTB-821


(YTB-821: dp. 356 (f.); 1. 109',b. 31'; dr. 14'; s. 12k.;
cpl. 12; cl. Natick)

Tontogany(YTB-821) was laid down on 4 December 1972 at Marinette, Wis., by the Marinette Marine Corp.; launched on 16 May 1973 and delivered to the Navy on 28 July 1973. Placed in service in July 1973 Tontogany was attached to the 5th Naval District and operated at Norfolk, Va., where she provided tug and towing services, waterfront fire protection, and pilot assistance. Late in 1977, she was shifted to the 6th Naval District, Charleston, S.C., where she served into October 1979.