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Tomahawk II YTB-789


Tomahawk II
(YTB-789: dp. 366 (f.); 1. 109'; b. 31'; dr. 14'; s.
12 k.; cpl. 12; cl. Natick)

The second Tomahawk (YTB-789) was laid down in January 1966 at Marinette, Wis., by the Marinette Marine Corp.; launched on 6 May 1966; and delivered to the Navy on 7 June 1966. Her fitting-out period ended on 8 July 1966, and the large harbor tug reported to the 10th Naval District, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and provided tug and tow services out of Roosevelt Roads until reassigned to the 6th Naval District in the spring of 1971 and stationed at Mayport, Fla., where she has served into 1980.