Toka YT-149



(YT-149: dp. 326; 1. 100'0", b. 25'0", dr. 9'7" (f.)
s. 12 k.; cl. Woban)

Toka (YT-149) was laid down on 3 October 1940 at Bay City, Mich., by the Defoe Bridge & Metal Works; launched on 15 April 1941; completed and delivered to the Navy on 24 May 1941, and placed in service on 3 June 1941.

Not long thereafter, Toka reported for duty with the 4th Naval District at Philadelphia, Pa., where she served as a district tug throughout World War II and for almost 24 years thereafter. During her service there, she changed designations twice. On 15 May 1944, she became a large harbor tug and received the hull designation YTB-149. Some 18 years later, she was still assigned to Philadelphia when she was redesignated a medium harbor tug, YTM-149, in February 1962. However, in 1968, Toka changed assignment the 4th Naval District to the 13th Naval District. She was placed out of service, in reserve, at Bremerton, Wash., in November 1978.