Tlingit YTB-497


(YTB-497: dp. 345 (f.); 1. 100'0"; b. 25'0"; dr. 10'0";
s. 12 k. (tl.); cpl. 8; cl. Sassaba)

Tlingit (YTB-497)—a large harbor tug—was laid down on 15 December 1944 at Brooklyn, N.Y., by Ira S. Bushey & Sons, launched sometime early in 1945; and placed in service at the New York Navy Yard on 21 August 1945.

Few records of Tlingit's operations have survived but, in September, she was at Coco Solo in the Canal Zone, en route to Hawaii. At Pearl Harbor, she replaced Nahasho (YTB-535), when—or shortly before —that tug was placed out of service in November. By the summer of 1946, Tlingit had moved to the Far East and qualified for the China service medal between 11 July 1946 and 20 June 1947. Following that tour of duty, she returned to the west coast and, on 31 March 1948, she was placed out of service, in reserve

The tug remained at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard until she was reactivated on 17 November 1950 for service in the 17th Naval District. She arrived in Kodiak, Alaska, in February 1951 and served there until May 1957 when she returned south to San Francisco. She served in the 12th Naval District for the remainder of her career. In February 1962, she was reclassified a medium harbor tug and became YTM-497. In June 1963, Tlingit was placed out of service and her name was struck from the Navy list.