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Tigress II

(ScTug: a. 1 how.)

The second Tigress—a screw tug—was chartered by the Navy at Baltimore, Md., from A. C. Hall sometime in the summer of 1861 prior to 20 August. At some now unknown date, she was purchased by the Navy. She departed Baltimore on 20 August, bound for the Washington Navy Yard.

Tigress joined Capt Thomas T, Craven's Potomac River flotilla on 26 August and operated largely in patrol activities. On two occasions in early September, she carried captured runaway slaves to Capt. Craven's flagship, Resolute.

On the evening of 10 September, while Tigress was on patrol off Indian Head, Md., steamer State of Maine ran down the tug and sank her. The ship's wreck was subsequently raised, but, on 22 November 1862, she was deemed not worth the expense of repair. She was subsequently sold at public auction, with half of the proceeds going to her former owner, A. C. Hall, who had raised the wreck.