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Tecumseh III YT-273


Tecumseh III
(YT-273: dp. 260, 1. 101'; b. 26'; dr. 11'; s. 11 k.;
cpl. 19; cl. Pelleacue)

The third Tecumseh (YT-273) was laid down at Brooklyn, N.Y., on 31 August 1942 by Ira S. Bushey & Sons, launched on 30 December 1942; and completed and placed in service on 27 April 1943.

Tecumseh was assigned to the 3d Naval District and served in the New York Connecticut area. Reclassified a large harbor tug-YTB-273—on 16 May 1944, she continued her towing duties in that area through the end of World War II and into 1946. In March 1946, she was placed out of service, in reserve, and berthed at New London, Conn. The tug was placed back in service a little more than six years later in July 1952. She operated in the 1st Naval District until 1957 when she was transferred south to Charleston, S.C., and the 6th Naval District.

Tecumseh spent the remainder of her Navy career at Charleston. On 24 November 1961, she was reclassified a medium harbor tug and redesignated YTM-273. Less than five months later, on 5 April 1962, her name was changed to Olathe (q.v.). Following more than 13 years of service under her new name and classification,the tug was placed out of service. Her name was struck from the Navy list in June 1976.