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Tazha YT-147


(YT-147: dp. 218; 1. 100'0", b. 25'0", dr. 9'7" (f.)
s. 12 k. (tl.); cpl. 12; cl. Woban)

Tazha (YT-147) was laid at Morris Heights, N.Y., on 8 August 1940 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., launched on Lincoln's birthday 1941 and completed and placed in service on 14 June l941.

Tazha served her entire Navy career at Norfolk, Va., in the 5th Naval District. She operated as a harbor tug there from June 1941 until March 1946. On 15 May 1944, she was reclassified a large harbor tug, YTB147. In March 1946, she was placed out of service, in reserve. The tug remained inactive at Norfolk until July 1952 when she returned to active service at Norfolk. In February 1962, she changed designations once more and became a medium harbor tug, YTM-147. Following 11 more years of service in the harbor at Norfolk, Tazha was decommissioned, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 May 1973.