USS Osceola III
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Osceola IIÎ YTB-129

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Osecola III
(YTB-129: dp. 890; 1. 124'9"; b. 28'; dr. 14')

The third Osceola, a harbor tug launched by the Navy Yard, Charleston, S. C. 3 March 1938; and commissioned 1 June 1938.

In 1928 the Navy Expansion Aet authorized the construction of increased tonnage as defense of the Western Hemisphere became an essential element of the United States. Osceola was one of the smaller ships built at the time. Her name was assigned 17 September 1938, and she reported to the 14th Naval District, headquartered at Pearl Harbor.

Stationed at Pearl Harbor throughout her war-time Naval serviGe, Osceola provided assistance in maneuvering larger ships, rendered towing service for naval vessels, and stood ready to aid in water-front fire prOteGtiOn. Her class was changed to YTB-129, 12 April 1944.

After the war, Osceola continued to provide her vital service to the Navy. Her classification changed to YTM-129 in early 1962, and she remains active with the U. S. Pacific fleet into 1970.