USS Oratamin
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Oratamin YTB-347

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(YTB-347: dp. 218; 1. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 9'7"; cpl. 12; s. 16 k. T. V2-ME-A1)

Oratamin (YTB-347), ex- YT-347, ex- Port Kent, exM.C. Hull 451, was built by Ira S. Bushey & Sons, Inc. Brooklyn, N. Y.; launched for the Maritime Commission 23 December 1942; completed 15 February 1943, and immediately taken over by the Navy. Her first Fleet assignment took her to the 10th Naval District, where she provided multifaceted tug services in San Juan Harbor through 1951.

Oratamin then shifted to the 5th Naval District for duty in the Tidewater regions of Norfolk and Hampton, Va. Redesignated YTM-347 in February 1962, she remains active out of Norfolk through 1969.