USS Okisko
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Okisko was built in 1939 as the motor tug Cornelius Kroll acquired by purchase 29 October 1940 from Terry Dalehite Towing Co., Galveston, Tex.; named Okisko and designated YN-42, Boom (Net) Tender, 29 October 1940; re classified as YNT-10, Net Tender (Tug Class), 8 April 1942, name retained; re elassified as YTL-735 on 2 August 1945, name retained. Okisko was first placed in service 19 December 1940 and assigned to the 6th Naval District. She was transferred to the 8th Naval District in 1944, where she performed local services until 21 February 1947 at which time she was placed out of service and transferred to the Maritime Commission.