Nepanet YT-189


(YT-189: dp. 218; 1. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 9'7"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 8)

Nepanet (YT-189) was authorized 6 February 1942, named 19 March; built by Pacific Coast Engine Co., A(ameda, Calif.; launched 20 June; sponsored by Mrs. Martha H. De Freitas; and completed in March 1943.

Allocated to the 12th L1aval District for duty, Nepanet provided towing and berthing services in the San Francisco Bay area. She also answered waterfront fire alarms and participated in inner harbor patrols on an on-eall basis. Her home yard was Mare Island. She was Reclassified from YT to YTB on 13 April 1944.

Nepanet was inactivated in March 1946. Placed in reserve out of service, she was berthed at Stoekton, Calif. Reactivated in September 1950, she onee again returned to harbor operation in the San Francisco Bay area. Nepanet was Reclassified YTM in February 1962, and into 1970 she continues to serve the Fleet in the 12th Naval District.