USS Narkeeta I
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Narkeeta I

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Narkeeta I
(Steam tug #3: dp. 192, 1. 92'6", b. 21'; dr. 8' (mean); s.
11.5 k.; cpl. 9; cl. Wahneta)

The first ,Varkeeta, steam tug #3, was laid down in April 1891 by the City Point Iron Works, Boston, Mass., Launched 11 February 1892; accepted by the Navy at the Navy Yard, Boston, 12 March 1892; and commissioned 14 April 1892.

Narkeeta, a two massed steel tug served the Navy, performing seemingly mundane, but ali important, towing and tugging services, until 1923. Operating primarily in the New York area, she aided in the efficient movement of larger vessels in and out of that congested port during two wars, the Spanish-American War and World War I. Decommissioned in April 1923, she remained at New York until sold, 28 October 1926, to Joseph F. O'Boyle.