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Marin II YNB-753

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(YTB-753: dp. 268 (It.) ; 1. 101'; b. 29'; dr. 161; s. 12 k.; cpl. 12; a. none; cl. Edenshaw)

The second Marin (YTB-753) was laid down by Christy Corp., Sturgeon Bay, Wis., in July 1959; launched in April 1960; and placed In service in May 1960.

Assigned to the 10th Naval District, Marin began tug and towing duties out of San Juan, P.R. Since beginning her service shoe has provided valuable assistance to other naval ships and craft in Puerto Rican waters. She has assisted ships during berthing and unberthing maneuvers and has towed ships and district craft not under power. In addition, she has served as an inner harbor patrol craft and has maintained her readiness to render emergency assistance in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane. Into 1969 Marin continues to carry out her largely unglamorous but vital service duties. Despite her busy schedule, she proudly performs her designated tasks with vigor and dispatch.