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Conestoga- AT-54


Conestoga II

(AT-54: dp. 420; 1. 170'; b. 29'; dr. 16'; s. 13 k.; cpl. 38;
a. 13")

The second Conestoga (AT-54) was built in 1904 by Maryland Steel Co., Sparrows Point, Md.; purchased by the Navy 14 September 1917, and commissioned 10 November 1917, Lieutenant (junior grade) C. Olsen, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the Submarine Force, Conestoga carried out towing duties along the Atlantic coast, transported supplies and guns, escorted convoys to Bermuda and the Azores, and cruised with the American Patrol Detachment in the vicinity of the Azores. At the end of the war she was attached to Naval Base No. 13, Azores, from which she towed disabled ships and escorted convoys until her arrival at New York 26 September 1919. She was then assigned to harbor tug duty in the 5th Naval District at Norfolk.

Ordered to duty as station ship at Tutuila, American Samoa, Conestoga underwent alterations and fitting out at Norfolk, and cleared Hampton Roads 18 November 1920 for the Pacific. Arriving at San Diego 7 January 1921, she continued to Mare Island 17 February for voyage repairs.

Conestoga put to sea from Mare Island for Samoa 25 March 1921. No further word was ever received from the ship or from her crew of 56. A lifeboat with the letter C on the bow was located by the steamship Senator 17 May 1921 in 18°15' N., 115°42' W. but a thorough search of the islands in the vicinity by all available naval and air forces, could locate neither men nor wreckage. Conestoga was declared lost with all her crew 30 June 1921.