Anacostia AO-94



A warlike Algonquian tribe of Indians formerly roving between the Arkansas and Missouri rivers. Several cities and counties in the United States are named Cheyenne.

(Tug: t. 76; 1. 96'10"; b. 23'3"; dr. 9'6"; s. 11 k.)

The first Cheyenne, a converted tug, was launched in 1885 bv Sam Paegnall, Charleston, S.C., acquired 8 July 1898 as S.S. Bristol and renamed Cheyenne; outfitted at Charleston Navy Yard; commissioned 30 July 1898, Lieutenant G. H. Swan in command, and reported to the Auxiliary Naval Force.

Chevene sailed from Charleston 30 July 1898 and proceeded to Key West, for duty off the Florida coast on blockade until 18 August, when she cleared for Port Royal, S.C., arriving 21 August. The tug was decommissioned there 29 August 1898 and sold 14 November 1900.