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Accohanoc- YTB-545


(AT: dp. 900; 1. 138'9"i b, 27': dr. 15'; s 117 k.; cpl. 40 ; a. 1 3'')

The first Barnegat (SP-1232) was built in 1898 by John H, Dialogue Camden, N .J.- as Luckenbach No 1 purchased in 1917; delivered to the Navy 12 October 1917; and commissioned the same day, Lieutenant (Junior grade) P. Farley, USNR, in command.

On 20 December 1917 Barnegat sailed in convoy from Philadelphia and arrived at Brest, France, 23 April 1918. She was assigned to Division 9, Patrol Force, and carried out patrol and towing operations in the vicinity of Brest until departing for the United States late in September 1919. Sailing in October she arrived at Norfolk 28 November 1919 and was assigned to the 5th Naval District until transferred to the 4th Naval District 26 January 1920. She remained on duty there until 20 August 1920 when she was decommissioned and transferred to the War department.