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A Chnagmiut Indian village located on the right bank of the lower Yukon River in Alaska.

(YTB-501: dp. 260; 1. 100'0"; b. 25'0"; dr. 9'7" (f.); s. 12 k.; cl. Sassaba)

Ankachak (YTB-501) was laid down on 20 March 1945 at Stamford, Conn., by the Luders Marine Construction Co.; launched on 18 July 1945; and delivered to the Navy on 5 November 1945.

However, by that time World War I I had ended and the Navy's need for almost all types of ships had decreased. Therefore, instead of be inning active service, the large harbor tug was laid up with the Green Cove Springs (Fla.) Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet et. Finally, in August 1948, Ankachak was placed in service for duty in the 5th Naval District, based at Norfolk, Va. She spent the remainder of her career in the United States Navy operating in the waters of the 5th Naval District. In March 1966, she was reclassified a medium harbor tug and redesignated YTM-767. On 1 July, the tug was transferred to the Greek Navy under lease arrangements. She joined the Greek Navy as Aias (A-412). In December 1977, her name was struck from the Navy list; and she was sold to Greece. As of the beginning of 1985, Aias was still active with the Greek Navy.