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Anacostia AO-94



One of several variations or transcriptions of the name of a Sauk Indian lady who distinguished herself in the Black Hawk War. The term itself refers to a litter of newly born puppies. A town in Jones County, Iowa, bears the name Anamosa.

(YTB-409: dp. 260; 1. 100'0"- b. 25'0"- dr. 9'7" (f.); s. 12 k.; cl. Sassaba) ; .

Anamosa (YTB-409) was laid down on 18 March 1944 at Brooklyn, N.Y., by Ira S. Bushey & Sons; launched on 24 July 1944; delivered to the Navy on 28 March 1945; and placed in service with the 1st Fleet on the west coast. By the beginning of 1948, the tug had been reassigned to the forward area of the Pacific Ocean. For the next 30 years, Anamosa operated at various locations in the central and western Pacific. Her naval career came to an end in 1978. Her name was struck from the Navy fist in May 1978. No records of her subsequent fate have been found, but she may have been sold for scrap.