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(Transport: dp. 12~500; 1 560'3"; b. 62'3"; dr. 32'; s. 13.5 k.;
cpl. 569)

Patricia was constructed in 1899 by Aktiengesellsehaft Vulkan, Stettin, Germany for the Hamburg-American Paeket Steamship Co. She was acquired 26 March 1919 by the U.S.

Army and commissioned by the Navy 28 March 1919 at Cowes, England, Lt. Comdr. C. C. Windsor in command.

Patricia began service on the Brest-New York run 30 March, beginning the first of four transatlantic crossings which returned 8,865 servicemen to the U.S. On 11 June 1919, just after leaving the port of New York, she helped beach GraJ Waldersee, damaged in collision, removed one-half of her crew and all of her passengers. Patricia then again began the erossing to Brest.

She was struck from the Naval Register 13 September 1919 and was delivered to Great Britain 18 September 1919 for the use of Ellerman's Wilson Line.