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Former name retained.

(AK: dp. 9 674 (n.), Ibp. 383'5", b. 46'4", dr.
21'11"; s. 12 k.;cpl. 60; a. 2 4'')

The first Freedom (No. 3024), a cargo ship, was built as Wittekind by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg, Germany, in 1894; seized by the USSB in 1917, renamed Iroquois, and chartered by the Army for use as a transport. She was renamed Freedom in 1918 acquired by the Navy on 24 January 1919, and commissioned the same day, Lieutenant J. C. C. Moller, USNRF, in command.

Freedom was assigned to the Cruiser and Transport force, and after overhaul at New York, sailed on a voyage to St. Nazaire, France, and return. The cargo ship made two more voyages to France, each to Brest with a visit to Norfolk, VA., between trips. She arrived at Hoboken, N.3., on 5 September 1919, and was assigned to duty in the 3d Naval District. Freedom was decommissioned at New York on 23 September 1919 and returned to the USSB the same day.

The second Freedom (IX-43), an auxiliary schooner, was acquired by the Navy in 1940, and assigned to the Naval Academy where she has served in a noncommissioned status through 1962.