Evansville- AK



A city in Indiana.

(AK: dp. 8,040; 1. 387'3"; b. 43'9"; dr. 23'; s. 11 k.;
cpl. 82; a. 1 5", 1 3")

The first Evansville (No. 2996), a cargo ship, was built in 1917 by Great Lakes Engineering Works, Detroit, Mich., as Lake Tahoe, acquired by the Navy 24 December 1917, commissioned as Lake Tahoe 16 February 1918, Lieutenant Commander G. T. Rex, USNRF, in command; and renamed Evansville 25 November 1918.

Between 25 February 1918 and 7 January 1919, Evansville made two voyages to France and two to the United Kingdom, carrying a variety of cargo which included tractors for the French Ministry of Agriculture, and returning with naval guns and stores no longer needed at Scottish bases.

Evansville made two voyages from Hampton Roads to San Francisco from 15 February 1919 to 9 May, then was decommissioned 23 August 1919 at Norfolk, and returned to the Shipping Board.