USS Echo IX-95
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Echo- IX-95


Former name retained.


Echo (IX-95), a scow of New Zealand registry, wag built in 1892, transferred to the Navy under reverse lend lease from New Zealand; and commissioned 4 November 1942, Ensign M. C. Riddle in command.

Sailing from Auckland, New Zealand, 11 November 1942, Echo delivered cargo at Noumea en route to Efate in the New Hebrides. Based on this island at Port Vila, she served as a supply ship for the Army in the New Hebrides and adjoining island groups. On 14 February 1944, just prior to her departure for New Zealand, the Army awarded her crew a commendation. She arrived at Wellington 12 March 1944, was decommissioned 3 days later and returned to the New Zealand Government.